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Cycling Retreats

Soulfit Adventures Cycling & Yoga Retreats
Pedal. Stretch. Breathe.

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal.' Paulo Coehlo  

Soulfit Adventures specialises in unique cycling escapes fusing our love of cycling, yoga and retreat-style luxury for people passionate about cycling. Together we escape routine, embrace new experiences, recharge and reinvigorate and go on a journey to explore a new world.


Soulfit Adventures providing world class Cycling & Yoga Retreats in Italy, Girona, Provence, Tweed Valley, NSW and Bright, Victoria.

"Thank you Soulfit Adventures Cycling & Yoga Adventures for a remarkable week of unforgettable mountains,moments and milestones!"


Pattie Smith, United States.

Cycling & Yoga Tweed Valley


Cyclng & Yoga Tuscany


Cycling & Yoga in Provence


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