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"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal.' Paulo Coehlo  

Soulfit Adventures specialises in unique cycling escapes fusing our love of cycling, yoga and retreat-style luxury for people passionate about cycling and with a sense of adventure.  Together we escape routine, embrace new experiences, recharge and reinvigorate and go on a journey to explore a new world.


Soulfit Adventures providing world class Cycling & Yoga Retreats in Italy, Girona, Provence, Tweed Valley, NSW and Bright, Victoria.


"Thank you Soulfit Adventures Cycling & Yoga Adventures for a remarkable week of unforgettable mountains,moments and milestones!"


Pattie Smith, United States.

Cycling & Yoga Tweed Valley


Cyclng & Yoga Tuscany


Cycling & Yoga in Provence


Cycling & Yoga in Italy
Cycling & Yoga Retreat Tuscany
Cycling & Yoga in Bright
Cycling in Tweed Valley
Cycling & Yoga in Italy
Cycling & Yoga Tweed Valley
Cycling & Yoga Girona
Cycling & Yoga in Italy
Cycling & Yoga Italy