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"Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures."

"And then I realized that adventures are the best way to learn."


  Soulfit Adventures Luxury Cycling & Yoga Retreats

      "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal.' Paulo Coehlo  

Soulfit Adventures specialises in unique cycling escapes fusing our love of cycling, yoga and retreat-style luxury for people passionate about cycling and with a sense of adventure.  Together we escape routine, embrace new experiences, recharge and reinvigorate and go on a journey to explore a new world.


Soulfit Adventures providing world class Cycling & Yoga Retreats in Italy, Girona, Provence and NSW Northern Rivers.


"Thank you Soulfit Adventures Cycling & Yoga Adventures for a remarkable week of unforgettable mountains,moments and milestones!" Pattie Smith, United States.

From the mountains to the valleys, from the green to the extreme, Victoria's high country offers some of the most breathing taking, exhilarating and relaxing riding in Australia. If you ride for a challenge, the freedom of two wheels or a landscape of awesome beauty, you’re in for a treat on Soulfit Adventures newest cycling and yoga escape.  With mountains, come valleys full of quiet roads, cycle mad locals and an abundance of great cafes, restaurants, vineyards, local orchards and berry farms, and even a craft beer brewery. Victoria's High Country offers an epic cycling and yoga experience, Soulfit Adventures style!

Cycling & Yoga in Girona

Join us in the ancient Catalan city of Girona our on unique cycling and yoga retreat. Girona, is the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and reawaken your senses with a week of cycling and yoga. Spend your time cycling around around medieval villages and beautiful locations from the mountains to the sea, practice daily yoga, delight in delicious delicacies, and enjoy the peace. Explore Girona and it's surrounds on 2 wheels with Soulfit Adventures and discover for yourself why so many cyclists call this wonderful city home.

Cycling Tweed Valley

The beautiful beaches may draw visitors to the far north coast of New South Wales, but if you join us on this cycling and yoga retreat, you will discover the NSW Northern Rivers hinterland. With its green rolling hills, fertile farmlands, historic towns and rainforest, the Tweed Valley offers a scenic and cultural contrast to the coastal lifestyle. We cycle along the maze of quiet country roads and discover tiny, picturesque villages whilst Indulging in some of the region's best farm to table food. Wonder in the highlights of the northern rivers and relax by the beach for a truly undiscovered experience in Australian paradise.

Cycling & Yoga in Provence

By using one of the planet’s most impressive destinations as a backdrop, our cycling and yoga retreat in Provence gives you the opportunity to take in a holiday, where cycling and yoga are perfectly combined with sunshine, authentic French Provincial cuisine and like minded people.  Yes, you can have your croissant and eat it too, while feeling re‑energized, healthy and invigorated. We invite you to explore the possibilities… they are endless!

Cycling & Yoga in Italy

Evoke your wanderlust spirit as you pedal and explore in and around the beautiful medieval city of Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany. Weave your way through the intimate and untouched roads, from the valley floor to high up into off the beaten path villages of the Garfagnana, whilst immersing yourself in the essence of history and nature. Relax and fall into bliss with yoga and massage, be nourished with delicious Tuscan cuisine and rest your head at the luxurious boutique accommodation on our private Tuscan estate. This is the backdrop for your next cycling adventure in Italy!


Hi there!  My name’s Virginia and I am the founder and owner of Soulfit Adventures Luxury Cycling & Yoga Escapes. 

I am passionate about cycling, yoga and travel and created Soulfit Adventures for people who want to get away from everything except their bike. An experience like no other of its kind, the escapes are luxurious breaks based in one exclusive location in which to stretch out, where the emphasis is as much on unwinding and enjoying stunning surroundings as it is on challenging yourself on and off the bike.

I truly believe that I offer my guests a once in a lifetime experience and I look forward to meeting you on a Soulfit Adventure soon!  Virginia.  Read more.





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