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Soulfit Adventures - what's it all about?

My passion for travel was ignited, like a many of us, in my early 20's when I was fortunate to spend seven years living and working in Europe. Ever since I’ve traveled to destinations in all corners of the globe exploring. Upon returning to Australia I worked primarily in hospitality and travel, then eventually as an event manager, coordinating 21st birthdays to major film premieres and everything in between.


My passion for all things cycling and yoga developed over a long time and I will always be on this journey. Early in 2009 I was burnt out and unquestionably decided the corporate world was over-hyped and knew I wanted to make a major change in my life. Right from the start I knew that cycling and yoga complimented each other perfectly and so I began finding ways of combining my appetite for travel, cycling and yoga with my skills as an event manager and eventually, Soulfit Adventures was born.


Before relocating to the North Coast of Australia, Newcastle in December 2012, to pursue Soulfit Adventures on a full time basis, I completed my yoga teaching training. I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Over the years I have continued to train and study under many great teachers and as a active cyclist, I am acutely aware of the benefits that yoga brings to cyclists, both on and off the bike. On my retreats I teach a sports focused practice with plenty of options for all levels, paying particular attention to demands placed on cyclists bodies.  All classes include breath work and meditation.

When I am not travelling with Soulfit Adventures, you'll find me out chasing the sun with friends on my bike, on my yoga mat or in the ocean in and around my hometown of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

As the founder and leading lady behind Soulfit Adventures, I coordinate everything on you’re retreat and worry about all of the tedious details for you, guaranteeing you get the most out of your time away. 

I have designed Soulfit Adventures for people of all ages and backgrounds, and as an experience like no other of it’s kind, tailoring luxury escapes that combine my passions of cycling, yoga and travel. All you need is a sense of adventure.


I look forward to meeting you on one of my Soulfit Adventures somewhere soon! Virginia.

Soulfit Adventures offers luxury cycling escapes for people who are passionate about travel and with a penchant for adventure. Participants enjoy a memorable experience that combines cycling with retreat style luxury, yoga and massage therapy. While, at the same time travelling responsibly and supporting local communities.


Soulfit Adventures retreats are held in Europe and Australia in locations chosen for their stunning natural beauty, cultural diversity, access to the great outdoors and away from the tourist crowds. We offer a  unique portfolio with each one of our escapes designed to cater to the needs of all our participants, in their quest for a once in a lifetime experience.


Designed for people of all ages, who want to take time out from their busy lives or to simply enjoy a holiday with a difference, participants on Soulfit Adventures retreats enjoy small groups, never exceeding twelve people. We not only welcome but we encourage non-cycling and yoga friends and spouses.


Soulfit Adventures, take the upmost care to ensure responsible travel with an aim to positively benefit the local community. Groups stay in locally owned accommodation and we use only local guides, drivers and assistants where possible to ensure that the local communities benefit not only in the short term but in the long term.


The retreats have been designed to give you the chance to be as active or as restful as you choose whilst experiencing the sights, scents, tastes and atmosphere of a country in a way that you might previously not considered.


We truly believe that we offer our participants a once in a lifetime experience in some of the worlds most beautiful locations.


Founder & creator - Virginia Slevin

Virginia Slevin


We'd like to be crystal clear here: Soulfit adventures is not a travel agent.  We do not book, sell or ticket airfares for our groups. We work closely with our licensed travel agent partners, IATA travel professionals, who belong to the Travel Compensation Fund.  We do what Soulfit adventures does best, we design fantastic, creative, holistic and authentic experiences available in conjunction with the best local tour operators. 

So - you'll need a flight to join our group but we don't do that bit.  If you decide you'd like to come along, we'll provide you with options to contact our preferred travel agent, you arrange your own flights, book with your agent or online - that's up to you.

Tour Manager v Travel Agent


It's impossible to leave nothing but footprints and Soulfit Adventures recognises the environmental and social responsibilities that come with being a tour operator in developing, and developed countries. We continually strive to reduce any negative environmental and cultural impacts of our trips on the regions we visit. The very nature of travel means we have an impact on the cultures we visit, so we try to make it a positive one by encouraging travelers to consider the benefits of offsetting their travel with Carbon Credits.

There are many considerations to responsible travel and none of us have all the answers. The fact that you are thinking about them is a good start. Soulfit Adventures is a boutique company and we aim for an evnironmentially-friendly office in the following ways:​

We try to be as paper free as possible
(e.g. using email whenever appropriate, down loadable itineraries and trip notes).​

We recycle all paper, plastics, cardboard, tin, glass and food scrapes.

We minimise the energy used in the office by not leaving equipment on
standby and switch off all computers, lights and unnecessary power each night.

Thank you for caring and being a responsible traveller!

If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please contact us.

Eco Practices & Responsible Travel