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Cycling & Yoga Retreat


Retreat style luxury

Soulfit Adventures offers unique cycling escapes combined with retreat style luxury, yoga and massage therapy for when you want to get away from everything except the bike. These experiences are luxurious breaks where the emphasis is as much on unwinding and enjoying stunning surroundings as it is on challenging yourself on two wheels.

Soulfit Adventures cycling retreat locations are chosen for their stunning natural beauty, cultural diversity, access to the great outdoors and away from tourist crowds. We offer a unique portfolio with each one of our retreats designed to cater to the needs of all our participants, in their quest for a once in a lifetime experience.

Immerse yourself in culture, regional cuisine and more...

Based in one exclusive location in which to stretch out, and with the best regional cuisine, local wines and culture to enjoy, these experiences offer the ultimate in relaxation and adventure. Soulfit Adventures retreats set to a standard that other providers cannot match and are based in one glorious location, for the ultimate in stress relief. 

Why cycling and yoga?

Yoga helps improve your posture, strengthens your body, stretches out sore tired bodies, boosts your mental agility and general overall wellbeing. Having a strong and flexible body and mind, will make you a better cyclist. You’ll be able to hold a more aggressive position on the bike, ride in comfort for longer, tackle more challenging rides and avoid injuries.  For more on the benefits of yoga for cyclists, click here.


Keen cyclist or yogi but your partner isn't? Don't worry, we have you both covered...

We actively encourage non-riding and yoga partners to come along to share the experience with you. The retreats have been designed to give all guests the chance to be as active or as restful as they choose and activities are voluntary. We choose the locations of our retreats based on their proximity to places of historical and cultural significance, and there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas to keep riders happy. We are only too happy to help guests not participating in the organised activities with optional excursions at their own expense. Wine tastings, market trips, cooking classes, walking tours, day trips to nearby towns, swimming and massages are examples of activities that are available. 


We truly believe that we offer our participants a once in a lifetime experience. 

Cycling Retreat Tuscany

Cycling Retreat Tuscany, Italy

18 to 25 May 2024 | Book Now

 31 May to 7 June 2025 | Enquire Now

Join us on our signature retreat for a week immersed in cycling as you pedal and explore in and around the medieval city of Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany. Lucca is a classic cycling destination, from the flat promenade along the coast of Viareggio to the high peaks of the Apuan Alps, you have the opportunity to cycle in all kinds of terrain. Relax and fall into bliss with a massage, stretch out tired muscle groups, be nourished with Tuscan cuisine and rest your head at the luxurious boutique accommodation on our private Tuscan estate. This is the backdrop for your next cycling adventure in Italy!


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Cycling Retreat Provence

Cycling Retreat Provence, France 

8 to 15 June 2024 | SOLD OUT!

22 to 29 June 2024 | Enquire Now

2025 Dates to be Confirmed | Register Interest Now


Provence is a canvas of sexy, joyful impressions, of colorful festivals, festivities and traditions, markets

and delicious sun-filled delicacies, of course rose and a cyclists delight! By using one of the planet’s most impressive destinations as a backdrop, our cycling escape in The Var Region of Provence gives you the opportunity to take in a cycling holiday, perfectly combined with sunshine, authentic French Provincial cuisine and like minded people, Soulfit Adventures style! 


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Gravel Cycling Camp Loire Valley

NEW - Gravel Cycling Escape Blois, Loire Valley, France

7 to 14 September 2024 | Enquire Now - 3 rooms left!

2025 Dates to be Confirmed | Register Interest Now

New in September 2024, and in collaboration with Seb&Bike, Soulfit Adventures is bringing you a Gravel Cycling Escape based in the beautiful town of Blois in the Loire Valley. ​With it's lush forests and woods, chateaus and fairytale countryside, quiet backroads and rolling hills, it's history and culture, Blois is the ideal location for this special tour.  Explore Blois and it's surrounds from a different point of view with Soulfit Adventures.


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Cycling Retreat in Girona

Cycling Retreat Girona, Spain 

2025 Dates to be Confirmed | Register Interest Now


Spain conjures up images of flamenco dancers, tapas cafe-lined plazas, white hillside villages, and soaring cathedrals. Beyond these traditions, the ancient city of Girona in Catalonia. Cycle the beautiful locations near the sea and the mountains, and discover why so many elite cyclists call the region home. Recharge with daily yoga and massage, delight in delicious delicacies, and the peace. Explore Girona and it's surrounds on 2 wheels with Soulfit Adventures!


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