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Do I have to participate in all of the cycling and take every yoga class?

This is your week so you're encouraged to take the time you need - whether that means practicing every yoga class offered and all cycling for the week, or it means needing to rest one day instead. All activities are completely voluntary. 

How fit do I need to be?

Cycling is a physically demanding activity and can be challenging. Typically, we ride between 60 – 80 kilometres (sometimes longer) each day with elevation. We are not a training camp and are focused on you enjoying a stimulating yet relaxed time. For private group bookings, we can create a bespoke cycling itinerary to ensure you get the best out of your time with us, at the level you expect.

What if I'm not a regular cyclist, is this retreat still for me?

The cycling whilst on retreat is moderate. However as noted above, cycling is a physically demanding activity and the cycling on retreat is designed to challenge you and move you out of your comfort zone. To ensure that you make the most of your time with us, if you are not a regular cyclist, you will need to be comfortable and competent riding a high end road bike on back to back days and we encourage you to implement a training program at a minimum 3 months out from the start of your escape if you are not a regular cyclist.  If you would like some assistance in the lead in to your trip with training please contact us.


For those that would like a some extra assistance, road e-Bikes are available on request and are subject to availability. 

What is included in the price? 

Typically we include everything from day one until the end of the tour. That will include most meals as per the itinerary - sometimes we give you the freedom to go your own for dinner, for example on the rest days - all transportation costs and entrance fees to anywhere included in the itineraries. You only pay for the optional excursions and activities not included in the itineraries.

Are there any extra charges? 

You pay the price advertised and that's it. The only other things you need to pay for are air-tickets, visas, travel insurance, meals and activities, tips/gratuities not listed in the itineraries and expenses of a personal nature.

Can I bring a friend/partner who doesn't want to participate in the yoga classes or cycling?

Absolutely! Non-participants are always welcome. All classes and activities are voluntary. We choose the locations of our retreats based on their proximity to places of historical and cultural significance, and there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas to keep non-yogis and riders happy. We are only too happy to help guests not participating in the organised activities with optional excursions at their own expense. 

Do I have to be an experienced yogi and what type of yoga classes are offered?

Flexibility is not a requirement on any Soulfit Adventure and the yoga is suitable for all levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. This week is much more than just the physical movements of yoga and cycling and hopefully it can be about finding something, letting something go, gaining balance in life, and most of all having fun and enjoying the many aspects of the adventure - from the cuisine, cycling, a beautiful culture, and new friends!

What if I am a single traveler?

Many of our guests come alone (in fact most!) and we will match you with a same sex single traveler. All the rooms are spacious with separate beds and private bathrooms. It's up to you if you prefer a single room (for an additional fee), but it's not required if signing up alone as we will pair you with another same sex guest. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up by using the "I want to be part of the adventure. Sign me up today" link on any of the retreat page of your choice . You will then fill out a booking form, and then make payment. We then will send you an official confirmation and welcome email with a release of liability document to be signed, as well as any pertinent travel information you may need. Alternatively, you can email us via the Contact page and we will email you through all the relevant documentation.

Soulfit Adventures offers luxury cycling and yoga escapes for people who are passionate about travel and with a penchant for adventure. Participants enjoy a memorable experience that combines cycling with retreat style luxury, yoga and massage therapy. While, at the same time travelling responsibly and supporting local communities.


Retreats are held in Europe and Australia.

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