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Hi there and thanks in advance for reading my first ever blog! My name is Virginia Slevin and I am the owner/director of SoulFit adventures. I should really go back and start at the beginning and tell you a little about SoulFit adventures and myself, and why I became involved in ‘healthy holidays’. I have always had a passion for travel which was first ignited over 20 years ago when I left Australia as a 21 year old and was fortunate to spend the next 7 years living and working in Europe. Over the last 15 years, I have worked as an event manager organising everything from birthday parties for high profile individuals to major film premieres and everything in between. During this time I us

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Hi there!  My name’s Virginia and I am the founder and owner of Soulfit Adventures Luxury Cycling & Yoga Escapes. 

I am passionate about cycling, yoga and travel and created Soulfit Adventures for people who want to get away from everything except their bike. An experience like no other of its kind, the escapes are luxurious breaks based in one exclusive location in which to stretch out, where the emphasis is as much on unwinding and enjoying stunning surroundings as it is on challenging yourself on and off the bike.

I truly believe that I offer my guests a once in a lifetime experience and I look forward to meeting you on a Soulfit Adventures soon!  Virginia.  Read more.





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