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Top Questions & Answers - Things you Should Know About Your Cycling & Yoga Retreat

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I regularly get asked the same questions about my cycling and yoga retreats, and so I thought I would put together the top ones and expand on them in a blog. See following my most frequently asked questions and everything you need to know about my retreats. If you have a question that's not listed, please contact me directly.

How fit do I need to be and what if I am not a regular cyclist?

Soulfit Adventures escapes are not training camps and my main focus is on you enjoying a stimulating yet relaxed time, enjoying the scenery and the all-important café stops along the way. Having said that cycling is by its very nature, a physically demanding activity and can be challenging. The cycling whilst on a retreat is moderate, however it is designed to challenge you and move you out of your comfort zone. Typically, we ride between 60-80 kilometers each day (sometimes longer), with up to 1000 meters elevation gain.

If you are newer to cycling you will need to assess your fitness and your own ability and be comfortable and competent riding a road bike on back-to-back days in a group. To ensure that you make the most of your time, I would encourage newer riders to implement a training program at a minimum 3 months out from the start of your escape (if possible). If you would like some assistance in the lead in to your trip with training please contact me.

What does a typical day on retreat look like?

I want you to enjoy the landscape, people and culture as much as I do and I strive to make your Soulfit Adventure a once in a life time experience. Now, we all know from life there are never typical days but what I can say is that each day on a Soulfit Adventure is planned to be filled with as much as possible for you to enjoy. That could mean enjoying fresh fruit plucked from roadside stalls, filling bidons from fresh mountain streams, lovely views and awe inspiring vistas, lung filling fresh air and exercise (that means “some climbs”!), wine tastings, a good laugh, local cuisine that only locals know about, being shown the curious, the quirky and the fascinating about each place visited. When it comes to post riding time, there are massages and restorative yoga to indulge to soothe tired bodies, pools to freshen up in, home cook food and wine to enjoy and a luxurious, welcoming place to lay your head at the end of the day.

What will the group be like?

As with any group holiday every one is different, so it’s impossible to tell, but an ‘average’ group consists of roughly 70% female and 30% male, with a mix of couples and solo travelers. There's usually a real mix of ages, from people in their 30s to their 60s.

Can I take my own bike on a cycling holiday?

High end carbon fibre road bikes are included in your retreat package on all European retreats, and you can find the full details of the bikes included on the retreat pages. For an additional cost and if you’d prefer a bit of extra power, you can choose to hire an e-bike at the time of booking. These are ideal for those recovering from injury/illness or anyone who wants some extra oomp. Of course, it’s also possible to take your own bike.

On Australian retreats, bikes are not included however they can be arranged on request for an additional fee.

What are the meals like on retreat?

Enjoying the local food is a highlight of any Soulfit Adventure. You will burn more calories on retreat than you usually do and that means you can indulge and reward yourself along the way. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, especially if you are spending a day in the saddle, includes but is not limited to a selection of fresh fruits and stunning fresh produce of the area to enjoy along with porridge/oatmeal. Fresh seeds, nuts, dried fruits, to locally made fresh bread, local honey and jams. If porridge is not your thing, then eggs, avocado and protein options like fresh meats and cheese are also available. Communal eating to me is a very important part of your retreat and dinner time becomes the ultimate bonding experience reliving the days ride whilst enjoying home cooked cuisine and local wines. Dinners are 3 courses and include locally inspired dishes with locally sourced produce to make sure we have the best in flavour and nutrients from in season produce, all cooked by our in- house cook. All you need to do is open the wine from the honesty bar. All dietary needs catered for.

While you're cycling, Soulfit Adventures provides some ride snacks like fresh fruit, cereal bars and energy gels, as well as hydration tablets. If you have a favourite product that you know and trust, we suggest you bring your own. An optional 'ride kitty' for coffee and lunch stops is also organised on every retreat, and depending on the route we take, you'll be able to buy extra food along the way too.

Do I have to participate in all of the cycling and take every yoga class?

​Although I would always encourage you to take part, this is your time so you do you and take the time you need. Whether that means practicing every yoga class offered and taking part in all cycling, or it means skipping a day and resting instead. All activities are completely voluntary and it’s up to you how much you do.

Do I have to be an experienced yoga practitioner and what type of yoga classes are offered?

​Flexibility is not a requirement on any Soulfit Adventure and the yoga is suitable for all levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Typically, we practice a sports focused restorative or yin yoga class with breath work and meditation every afternoon to restore and calm the bodies parasympathetic nervous system and soothe tired muscles.

Can I bring a friend/partner who doesn't want to participate cycling?

Absolutely! Non-cycling participants are always welcome. As previously mentioned, all activities are voluntary and I choose the locations of my retreats based on their proximity to places of historical and cultural significance, with easy access to cafes, shops, galleries, wineries, museums etc. There is plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas to keep non-riders happy. A small discount is available for non-cycling participants.

What if I am a single traveller?

​Many guests come alone on my retreats and it's up to you if you prefer a single room (for an additional fee). It’s not required if signing up alone though as I will match you with a same sex single traveler if you would like a shared room.

Ready to book your cycling and yoga retreat?

Discover my cycling and yoga escapes hosted and guided by myself and a team of experts with decades of experience between us, in unforgettable destinations. Make your next holiday a Soulfit Adventures and you'll have my personal guarantee of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Explore all Cycling & Yoga Retreats.

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