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Soulfit Adventures is leading the way on July 19, 2015 on a retreat incorporating adventure and the

WE are overjoyed with excitement to be leading the way on July 19, 2015 on the first of a kind adventurous retreat, amidst the ancient temples, jungles, hidden treasures and forests of Cambodia. An enchanting land, untroubled and serenely beautiful where in the spiritual and historical heart of Cambodia, you will unquestionably find a little piece of you, and more.

A road less travelled awaits us, to remote and local communities being our backdrop for an idyllic place to explore your very own inner landscape, guided through yoga, cycling, hiking, and space to simply be…doing as much or as little as you choose.

Cambodia’s Ancient Cities and her surrounding lands welcome everybody, all ages, and levels of fitness, anybody, and everybody who wants to escape the busyness of everyday life.

Our super excited team have developed a way of immersing you into an adventure on two wheels integrating yoga sequences to align and restore you to your natural self. Cycling and yoga weave a common thread throughout our wellbeing—by encompassing the elements and balance of yin and yang. A journey interweaving cycling – a meditation in motion, as we inhale and exhale the trails of Cambodia’s beauty discovering the ‘seat of our soul’ together, through morning and evening asana.

Sounds too good to be true…right?

(I hear you, YES, tell me more…)

We’ve carefully chosen perfectly designed boutique hotels and eco-resorts for the retreats duration of 11 nights, where we awake each morning opening the body to yoga before pedaling into friendly and engaging communities that line the secondary roads and back trails of this intriguing country. Angkor Wat is a favourite however we will discover a wider appreciation of all that is Cambodia and, most importantly, our true peaceful revitalised cycling-yogic selves.

We begin in Siem Reap, noticing the exhalation extends a little longer than ordinary, and begin to explore Cambodia’s offerings with the unknown realization that an authentic culinary journey awaits and compliments the retreat. (Does it get any better…)?

Our fun is sprawled over 400+ km’s of pedalling — paced over eleven full days. From the first sunrise drinking in the iconic religious monuments of Angkor Wat from across the Reflecting Pool, as the sun greets the day ahead and monkeys watch over through the soft morning light at the group moving into a clearing in the forest. Just like the river nearby we fluidly move through a short yoga practice before cycling onto the winding roads ahead, which overlook the moat. Pure magnificence.

As we, together, a group actively practice our yogic mindsets on a bike pedaling away and becoming present in the day. Around about now on Day 1 everybody lets go of life’s daily troubles, and unbeknown to us as we ride on they are preparing the nights delight of Fish Amok, a classic Khmer dish steamed and served in a banana leaf with a little coconut cream on top. The colour is beautiful with a sprinkling of julienned red bell pepper and kaffir lime leaf ribbons, waiting for our plates!

We connect with the Mekong River amongst our travels, as the boat begins a journey taking us to the floating communities that are known as home to locals here. The experience we have mapped out along the river invites you to the remoteness of a collection of villages; you will only too happily raise the corners of your mouths, again. It is only Day 2.

The 7th century temples and ruins are upon us and the aches from the initial cycling days diminish away as our adventure continues to places beyond tourism. This is a journey of a lifetime bursting with yoga by the poolside, zigzagging our way through rice paddies, from wooden shacks by the river to the eccentric city of Phnom Penh where a rest day awaits at the Plantation Urban Resort. Yes, it is well deserved and rewarded here. We pause, stop and reflect.

By now we are convinced Cambodia’s diverse landscapes were created for a cycling and yoga tour only, it’s perfection on every level and on day 7 & 9, we eagerly ride the most challenging trails—encompassing up to 100 km a day of purifying and exhilarating scenery, meeting water buffalo’s to seeing coconuts and Palm trees. The blissful trance Cambodia places everyone under awakens all the senses as we trek on to Kirirom Mountain, which is surrounded by Pine trees. The mountain allows us to ride, shuttle car our way to the top or take a vehicle, easy. It is always your choice in Cambodia. It is about you here.

And towards the end of our retreat we find deserted beaches offering a chance to immerse ourselves in cleansing salty waters before continuing our discoveries to yet another secluded guesthouse perched on top of a hill, Sihanoukville.

Breathing and pushing the pedals in between laughs and smiles onto the coastal roads, sandy beaches and mountains before landing on the tip of the Gulf of Thailand and the final destination Kep.

The team at SoulFit Adventures honours you know where your bodies are at and if you want to skip the cycling, it’s completely up to you, and you are welcome to jump in the support vehicle. Non-cycling friends and partners are also welcome.

Cambodia will leave you, or you will leave Cambodia with much more than the breathtaking scenery and experience—you will leave with a transformational little piece of you to share with everybody.

The only way to experience Cambodia!

And as the saying goes “If you can’t beat them, join (follow) them”. We ask everybody to join us, even if you can’t be there physically. Follow along with us and be a part of the adventures that lay ahead—follow, tweet or share as we partake on the transformational beautifully mapped out journeys that make SoulFit Adventures lead the way in healthy holidays today.

Collectively, as one, with you.

Choum reap lear


Good-bye for now.

If you cannot join us in Cambodia, then we welcome you to follow along here on Facebook, on Instagram or on Twitter.

For any inquiries into the year and Adventures for 2015/2016, sign up here, and we hope to meet you on the next Soulfit Adventure to Bali in September, or Italy in October!

More information and last chance to join us in Cambodia, visit:

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